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Congor Bay

Congor Bay (spelt 'Conger' according to some sources) is an exposed reef break in an area of water situated on the East Coast of Barbados between Bath Beach and Martins Bay, in the parish of St. John.


As with most of the coastline on Barbados' East Coast, the sea is too rough for swimming but it does offer surf mostly suitable for intermediate surfers. Surfers in Barbados report that good quality waves cannot be guaranteed at Congor Bay all year round, and that whilst the surf can be consistent in winter it tends to be rather calm during the winter months. They also warn prospective surfers to be aware of the hazards posed by numerous rocks and sea urchins. Due to this fluctuation in surf quality, Congor Bay is less crowded than other surfing areas in Barbados, so even when the surf is good it is unlikely to be too congested.


The shoreline at Congor Bay is home to many interesting rock formations that have been worn and shaped by the battering and unpredictable waves.  There is also a sizeable and peaceful beach at Congor Bay that offers an excellent venue for a day out with the family, and the rolling grassy slopes, gentle hills and forested areas nearby offer splendid hiking or rambling opportunities. Hike Barbados organizes many different weekly hiking expeditions around Barbados including treks to and around Congor Bay.


One man who used to lead weekly 'stop and stare' hikes around Barbados and simultaneously inform Barbadians and tourists alike about Barbados' history, environment and culture was British born Barbadian environmentalist and scientist, Dr. Colin Hudson (1938-2004). Since his death, the Barbados National Trust has held the Great Train Hike (the old railway line once ran from Fairchild St. to Belleplaine) every year in his memory on the 3rd Sunday in February, the route always passing through terrain at Congor Bay.


Another innovation at Congor Bay was the earth station, built in the 1970s and providing not only a hub for satellite assisted telecommunications throughout the Caribbean but also links with the rest of the world.


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