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Barclays Park

Barclays Park is a small village in the parish of Saint Andrew in Barbados, its fifty (50) acres encompassing a park area ascending into the hillside. Overlooking the stunning Cattlewash beach, where the impressive Atlantic waves crash onto the shores. Barclays Park was named after Barclays Bank International Limited who gifted the Park to the Government of Barbados in order to commemorate the occasion of the country's Independence in 1966. It was opened the same year by HM Queen Elizabeth II.

There are many blankets of grassy slopes that cover Barbados so the slopes of Barclays Park are very popular areas for friend and family get-togethers and picnickers, especially at weekends and during public holidays. A local beachside restaurant offering tasty refreshments and snacks is currently being redeveloped and there are also changing facilities nearby.

Barclays Park is the venue each year for the Party Monarch calypso competition that is held in Barbados as part of the five-week Crop Over festival.

On this side of Barbados' coast, the strong currents and powerful waves make the sea too dangerous for swimming but you can wade and look for sea creatures in the numerous rock pools. The area is also very wind-blown, ideal for kite flying on the beach, but be careful not to let your kite go too near the telegraph poles on the nearby coast road! In Barbados, such warnings are given more so in the Easter time when kite flying is more prevalent. 

Close to Barclays Park is the village of Chalky Mount, sitting on tons of natural clay.  Here you can watch several local potters kilning at the Chalky Mount Pottery and then purchase your own sculptured memento of Barbados land.


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