Visitors Touring the Countryside in Island Safari Jeeps, Barbados Pocket Guide

Discovering the island of Barbados is not a difficult one at all. The island is a mere twenty-one (21) miles long and fourteen (14) miles wide and with such a size, this should make getting around even more inviting.


There are many ways to discover the island of Barbados. Some of these ways include public transportation, private transportation, bicycle riding, hiring a car, driving tours, renting a taxi or simply being adventurous and taking a hike of the island. Whatever route you take, you can be guaranteed an event and eye full.


Public and Private Transportation

This falls under the heading of buses. Some visitors prefer this method of seeing Barbados as it allows them the opportunity to be elevated and gives them a vantage point when taking in the many attractions the island has to offer.


bus-stop_2There are many bus stops scattered throughout the island of Barbados, thus making it quite ideal to be able to alight closest to preferred destinations. These bus stops are clearly marked 'TO CITY' and 'OUT OF CITY' as an indication to your destination.


The Transport Board of Barbados is the island's Government owned bus transport service provider. The service provides rides free of cost to school chldren and senior citizens to any point on the island, while adults pay $2 per ride. The respective destinations of these buses are usually posted above the front windshield in a digital display.


These blue and yellow buses are very reflective of Barbados' flag and are quite an efficient and effective way to see the beauty and splendour that Barbados has to offer.


Private Transportation

On the island of Barbados, there is also the option of using private transportation as a means of travelling throughout the island. Such a method includes privately owned mini-buses which are medium size, painted in yellow with a blue horizontal stripe running along their sides.


The other option of private transportation is by way of ZR Vans. These vans are smaller than the mini-buses and can hold approximately fifteen (15) passengers.


Both aformentioned options of private transportation have their destination signs located in the bottom left-hand corner of the windshield.


Bicycle Riding

The island of Barbados is great for riding and the availablility of bicycles is quite high. Rental of bicycles is quite affordable and can take you anywhere in the price range of approximately US$40.00 per day or US$5.00 a day. A refundable security deposit is usually required with a service of delivery to the location and collection from the location. Bicycles from bicycle rental companies in Barbados are insured to guarantee your safety. These prices are just an approximation and can vary from company to company.


Hiring A Car

For those who prefer a bit more privacy, there's always the option of car hire. This affords you the opportunity to take your whole family on a self-driven tour of Barbados in the comfort of your choice of vehicle. A wide range of hired cars are available on the island from car rental companies. Whether you choose a compact car, moke or spacious, luxurious air-conditioned vans and jeeps, one thing is for certain and that is Barbados awaits you on this journey.


Renting A Taxi

The rental of a taxi is a great way to discover Barbados as well. While you sit in the back seat of a comfortable vehicle, you can be guided around the island and shown the many sites that have captured other visitors in the past.


Taxi fares are usually calculated based on the distance involved.




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