Transport Board Bus Driving Pass Portland Plantation, Farley Hill, St. Peter, Barbados Pocket Guide

Transport Board Buses

One of the common ways to travel around Barbados publicly is via transport board buses. These buses can't be missed as their colour is the same as Barbados' National Flag which is blue, yellow and black. However these buses are mainly blue with long yellow horizontal stripes.


In August 1955, the Barbados Transport Board was born. One hundred and sixteen (116) busses were taken over by the Government of Barbados in September 1955 from eight (8) private concessionaires who were having trouble maintaining the buses at that time.


Presently, the Transport Board boasts of having at last three hundred and four (304) buses which cater to everyone from babies to the elderly. The first four (4) side seats behind the driver are specifically designed for the elderly, persons who are pregnant or persons carrying small children. Kindly be courteous when any of these persons embark these buses.


There are four (4) terminals where you can board the buses, with one of them being a sub terminal. The sub terminal, which is a miniature terminal, is located in Oistins, Christ Church and the three main terminals are located at Speightstown, St. Peter, Princess Alice, St. Michael and Fairchild Street in Bridgetown.


The headquarters of the Barbados Transport Board is on Roebuck Street, Bridgetown. There are six brands of buses that include the Buscar, Marcopolo and Mercedes which each carry forty (40) sitting passengers. The Hino is a smaller bus which is used for short routes and carries twenty-eight (28) sitting passengers. Buscar with wheelchair access carries thirty six (36) sitting passengers and two (2) wheel chair bound passengers. Last but not least, the Replica Jitney Style bus commonly known as the Rocklin Bus which carries forty two (42) passengers. The Rocklin bus is used today for scenic bus rides throughout Barbados for a fee. Charter tours can also be arranged.


Currently there are five (5) major services the Transport Board offers to the public of Barbados.


School Bus Service - where Barbados' school children are transported to their various schools free of cost


Island Tour Service - a tour which stops at different picnic spots throughout Barbados and usually cost $670 for the whole bus or $16.75 per person. This gives you a great tour of the island and last for approximately 7 hours. This tour can be booked by calling (246) 310-3568/3569/3570


Sunday Scenic Tour - a tour where buses leave Independence Square in Bridgetown around 2 in the afternoon and head out to the country side. The tour costs Bds $20 for adults and Bds $12 for children. The duration of time for this tour is a lot shorther than the previously mentioned Island Tour Service


Schedule Bus service on all routes in Barbados


Advertising on the buses


The bus fare in Barbados is now set at $2.00 as of January 1st 2011, a change from the original $1.50 which was set for more than fifteen (15) years. In Barbados you pay for the trip and not by the distance as in some other islands.


For further information on the bus schedules or destinations you can contact the Barbados Transport Board at (246) 310-3500 or visit their website at




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