Mountain Bikes Parked Next to Each Other, Barbados Pocket Guide


As a visitor to Barbados, you may not always want to stay on the straight and narrow road but may very well want to go off road from time to time. After all, with an island surrounded by and submerged into such beauty and history, it would make absolute sense to take in as much of it as you possibly can and one sure way to go about doing this is by way of biking. 

The rental of a bike is a great idea for such an adventure. Whether your reason for doing this is for a love of nature or just for exercise, bike rental companies in Barbados offer great service. Bikes are maintained and serviced on a regular basis so there is no need for you to feel insecure about the safety aspect of this method of transportation. Bikes are also insured for the protection of both you and the rental company.

Bicycle Rentals

Riding a bicycle is an excellent form of exercise that offers you a relatively strain free routine when compared to jogging or running. On average, the cost of renting a bicycle per day in Barbados can start anywhere from US $20. There are no real stipulations when renting bicycles on the island as all you really need is good balance. 

Bike Rentals

This method of transportation is for the more adventurous. Let your hair down and let the wind carry it freely as you hit the roads of Barbados. The stipulations for renting a motorcycle or scooter on the island are different from that of bicycle rentals as the potential renter needs to possess a valid motorcycle/scooter license as a driver's license for a car would not suffice. The cost of renting a scooter per day in Barbados can start anywhere from US $45 and up.

On signing the rental agreement with any of the bike rental companies on the island, a small deposit is required. This deposit is refunded once the rental period is up and bikes returned to the rental company in their original state.


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