Adventureland 4x4 Jeeps Out on a Countryside Tour, Barbados Pocket Guide

Take an Adventure

The beautiful island of Barbados is mysterious, intriguing, attractive, enticing, thrilling and adventurous. There is simply no end to the activities that readily appeal to the adventurous at heart once you reach these shores.


Seafari Thriller Powerboat Tour

One sure way to experience the core ofadventure  while in Barbados is by taking a Seafari Thriller Powerboat tour. Barbados' specially designed Seafari Thriller Powerboat, cruises with up to 35 "adventurers" at top speed while ensuring both your complete safety and comfort. It is important to note that they have fully trained captain and crew with years of knowledge of the sea and shoals surrounding Barbados, and they promise to deliver the best in service while you enjoy your power boat snorkel adventure with them.


You can experience the absolute adventure and excitement of sitting in a real authentic Thriller Powerboat as it blasts across the waves. Comfortable, padded seats with hand rails ensure both your comfort and allow you to hang on for dear life while this power boat cruises at 50 miles per hour. Let's face it, it's the closest anyone can ever get to the real off-shore powerboat experience.


Adventureland 4 x 4 Tours

If ever you are looking for a one of a kind jeep safari experience that gives you a ride out of your life then it's time to take a trip with Adventureland 4 x 4 Tours. These tours take you into Barbados' interior and the island's unspoilt countryside and rugged coastlines.


Adventureland 4 x 4 Tours has a team of professional guides who will keep you well informed along the way as they expose you to the history, culture and soul of Barbados.


Island Safari

Island Safari prides itself as the pioneer in Jeep Safari 4x4 Island Tours in Barbados. Rugged in appearance but comfortable on the inside. That is what they offer when you step into one of these Land Rovers and go around Barbados with a unique opportunity to see the island from amazing heights. Such amazing heights that it is highly recommended these places are accessed only by vehicles of this nature.


Professional and well educated tour guides take good care of you while out on an Island Safari. Here is where you become exposed to true Barbados. The beauty, wonder, fascination, history, culture and nature of this land. Along with such educational opportunities, come fantastic opportunities to capture the island from a photographic perspective quite unlike any other you will see.


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