Go to the Movies

Going to the movies has certainly become a very popular 'thing to do' in Barbados. This guaranteed form of entertainment has taken off in recent times with the Olympus, Limegrove Cinema and the Drive-In seeing crowds throughout the week and on weekends coming out to watch some of their favourite shows.


The Olympus theatre is situated within the Sheraton Centre Shopping Mall. This cinema is ideally located as this is where you can easily go after you've had your share of shopping throughout the mall and feel the need to relax in air conditioned comfort while taking in any one of the six (6) latest movies from Hollywood.


The Olympus theatre has six (6) state of the art cinema screens, each with the name of a different international city. These individual cinemas include the Bridgetown, Cairo, Miami, Havana, London and Hong Kong. Each of these auditoriums has seating capacity for between one hundred and fifty to two hundred patrons. Regular admission to the Olympus Theatre (Expo) is $16:00 Bds. for adults and $9:00 Bds. for children under the age of twelve.


The Globe Cinema is now the only cinema located within the city environs of Barbados in Upper Roebuck Street in the island's capital city of Bridgetown, the cinema is centrally located and easily accessible to the many patrons who frequent this local attraction.


The Globe Cinema basically shows the same movies that are being shown at the Globe Drive In for any given week, this ensures that this exciting form of entertainment is accessible to all persons (from Barbados or abroad) whether you possess a vehicle or not. Generally speaking however, the cinema tends to cater to a younger crowd of patrons, especially those who have not yet attained a driver's license.

The Globe Drive In is the only open air movie theatre located in Barbados. It is situated at Adam's Castle in the parish of Christ Church very near to the largest shopping centre located on the island (Sheraton Centre). The Globe Drive In provides both locals and visitors alike with an unforgettable experience where patrons get to sit and enjoy the movies in the comfort of their vehicles under the clear, starry, Barbadian sky.




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