Weisers on the Bay

Weisers on the Bay is located at Brandon's Beach, off the Spring Garden Highway in the parish of St. Michael on the picturesque island of Barbados. This beach bar is owned and operated by two brothers who have worked along with each other on this enterprise for more than then (10) years to bring you the ultimate in casual, beach front dining.


Good energy, good food and relaxation may have been the primary focus of this beach bar as it is clearly seen in the very vibrant orange and green colours that adorn this building.


The daily menu at Weisers on the Bay is quite thrilling and is served à la carte. This makes it so much easier to throw around your options on any given day. For appetizers, one can choose from fish cakes, chicken tenders, samosas and coconut-crusted shrimp. For those true pasta lovers, some kind of pasta dish is made every day. For the main course, cast one's eye over the Cajun chicken, grilled fish or chicken and barbequed ribs. Lunch break specials are also on offer for those who have just about an hour to grab a bite and go. Desserts are also served ar Wesiers on the Bay.


In Barbados there has been a vast number of people who have opened up to the concept of eating out on Sundays. As such, Weisers on the Bay offers a weekly Sunday buffet from 12 noon to 3:00 pm. They serve up traditional Bajan cuisine with a host of options that include but are not limited to sweet potato pie, vegetable rice, scallop potatoes, chicken, flying fish, curry lamb and beef stew. Desserts can include fruit cocktail, ice-cream or a combination of the two. Simply put, the choice is yours.


Weisers on the Bay is well aware of the fact that variety is the spice of life and as such there's a Friday Back-in-Time lime that gets started from 6:00 pm until 11:00 pm. As it's Friday night, why not just eat, drink and be merry? After all, the menu is available throughout the night. To add further variety to the night, two televisions are in place so that patrons can watch their favourite sports games and music videos. It is evident the works of these brothers as they were able to successfully combine one's great marketing skills with the other's excellent culinary skills.


For those non-smokers who may be feeling some measure of hesitancy in paying Weisers on the Bay a visit, there's no need to hesitate as you have been taken into consideration. The laws of Barbados have implemented a smoking restriction on the island which all proprietors must conform to. As such, there is a designated smoking area with seating that is located on the restaurant's beach side so as to cater to anyone who needs to smoke while on their premises.


Weisers on the Bay has certainly wrapped a lot of options in a bag for you to choose from. For more information, call Paul or Andrew at (246) 425-6450. Yet another reason to eat out while in Barbados.




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