Blue Pineapple

Relaxing and enjoying a scenic view of the ocean is no trouble at Blue Pineapple in St. Michael. With an array of appetizing items on the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner available, guests can come and indulge in food and drinks and even after, take a dip in the sea while getting a perfect tan. Shade is also provided for those who would prefer to stay cool on hot days as umbrellas are placed above every table! Dress wear is casual beachwear during breakfast and lunch, while dinner dress wear is casual as well, but not beach wear.

Very close to Blue Pineapple, to top off your day, is the Accra Beach board walk which takes you along the coast road on the shore line of the south coast. On the board walk you will experience a tranquil walk with many restaurants nearby and the breathtaking view of the Caribbean Sea.
In addition, beware of parking when entering Blue Pineapple as it is straight off the main road and no on sight parking. taxing may be the best possible solution if not finding nearby parking prior to arriving.

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