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There was once a time when booking flights had to be done over the phone or by visiting the offices of a travel agent or airline. Gone are those days as booking a flight online not only saves you time and money but it also saves you unwanted stress. With reservations available on over 420 airlines around the world such as Air France, American Airlines, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa, Caribbean Airlines, LIAT, US Air, Continental, Air Jamaica, Charter companies, Singapore Air and Air Canada to name a few, booking flights through the Barbados Pocket Guide is certainly the way to go.


Booking a flight through the Barbados Pocket Guide is quite simple. Our online booking engine affords you the opportunity to book your flight and be able to source the best price for your travel needs, all under your own management.


Your schedule is very important to you and as a result, we are able to help you factor in those key times of travel. You get to see flight availability down to the last hour, along with arrival and departure times.


Understandably, your budget is of paramount importance and our search engines give you the opportunity to choose which flights best suit your needs by way of allowing you to compare prices.


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