Beach in the Countryside, Barbados Pocket Guide

Beach Living Vacations

The island of Barbados is surrounded by water and lovely, sandy beaches. It is therefore nearly impossible to visit and not experience true beach living, however if that is not your cup of tea, avoiding it can be arranged.


Many of the hotels on the west and south coasts, were built to take advantage of the wonderful beach fronts which are a reality of Barbados. In most other cases, access to the crystal waters are but minutes away, where for example you might just need to cross over the road!


There are also various apartments and guests houses to choose from which might be classified as more economical, especially if travelling with a group or for an extended stay. If it is "real" beach living in Barbados which is being sought after, another option is a beach cottage, some of which are available for rental. This is usually very basic, laid-back accommodation, normally self-contained, with the real boost being that they are normally right next to the water.


So, if seeking out a beach vacation, where the only interest is to swim, sun-tan, eat and drink, then Barbados is the place to be. The waters on the west and south coast are safest for bathing, with the north and east coasts more suited to visual enjoyment and sun-bathing, as the waters are normally choppier.  Of course, there are exceptions in each case as Accra in Christ Church (south) can tend to be quite rough at times and Bath in St John (east), relatively stable.


Barbados has more than its fair share of living accommodation to cover the many needs of those persons checking out a beach-filled vacation. Combined with the water-sports, coral reef and diving areas, it is possible to lose one-self on the beaches of Barbados.




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