Rally Cars Assemble for Scrutineering at Warrens, St. Michael, Barbados Pocket Guide

Themed Vacations

A simple and otherwise mundane vacation can be transformed with a bit of imagination. How? By attaching a theme to the planned vacation.  With a variety of activities from which to choose, Barbados is a travel planner's paradise. For, whatever the individual concept or group theme under consideration, there are likely to be things that meet the criteria.


Now, the theme may be in the form of the name of the group or association travelling to Barbados. Labels like "Hip Over-60s", "Living Single" or "Corporate Break-away" vacations are three examples of possible themes. The first group might plan a series of restaurant hopping activities at the many available on the island and seek out a lounge where they can listen to music and dance without being harassed. The latter group may be seeking a series of fun and different team-building events, perhaps interspersing land and sea activities, depending on the composition of the group.


Sports and games is another themed option, where a series of scuba diving and fishing expeditions can be organized. Access to the Aquatic Centre pool might be a possibility for a group of swimmers who have determined that their holiday must be spent between a pool and the sea. Racing fans can travel to Barbados for the racing season and spend their weekends at the Garrison Savannah. Last but not least, this group could also consider travelling to Bim for any of the stage car rallies which are held throughout the year.


Flowers may pique the interest of those persons who are interested in gardens and flowers. This vacation might seek to cover a number of the open house events arranged by the Barbados National Trust plus the public gardens like Andromeda Gardens, incorporating the caves.


Needless to say, a theme becomes your dream in Barbados.




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