Room at Worthing Court Apartment Hotel, Christ Church, Barbados Pocket Guide

Cheap Vacations

It's possible to create a cheap and budget-conscious vacation in Barbados. There is absolutely no reason to feel limited.


In terms of accommodation, there are small hotels and apartments that fall under the umbrella of the Intimate Hotels Group. This group offers a variety of rooms, some self-contained and others with small restaurants on site that offer from breakfast only to full fare. Hotel rates cover a wide range of prices and amenities, but for sure all the properties under this group must maintain certain basic standards. Apart from the Intimate Group, there are separate guest houses which cater to the budget-conscious traveler.


Transportation around Barbados can be done at reasonable cost as well. For some persons, renting a vehicle from one of the many authorized auto rental companies is an option and may prove to be a less expensive option than taking a taxi to every location. Perhaps even better than that the Barbados Transport Board has a public bus system covering the entire network and most of the major attractions are covered on these routes. The cost: Barbados $2.00 per bus ride, regardless of destination. So, it is possible to get around the island in reasonable comfort and at reasonable prices. What a thing!


Now what is the point of visiting an island and not tasting the food or doing some sightseeing? In Barbados, there are numerous eating establishments to cater to all pockets. From fast-food restaurants to cafes to local snackettes, you can get a decent meal or snack without too much sacrifice or compromise. And, if staying in an apartment, you can also buy some items from the supermarket and create your own meals.


If you are working on a budget, you can still create a cheap and exciting vacation in Barbados!




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