Couple on an Island Safari Wedding, Barbados Pocket Guide

Special Vacations

Thousands of people world-wide are known to save for many years in order to realize a dream: a once-in-a-lifetime, special vacation. The Caribbean island of Barbados is an ideal selection for such a vacation.


Is it a first-trip or one with a new sweet-heart? Plan to come to Barbados. An easy public transportation system plus a stream of reputable auto rental companies puts the island at your finger tips. If being driven is your cup of tea and you are willing to spare no expense to charm your partner, a taxi or other chauffeur service can be commissioned for your desire.


What about that long planned retirement vacation. What could be more special than after years of dedicated service to your employer or even your own company, to give yourself a special gift? Barbados offers short and long-term accommodation rentals. You can bring the family and plan a series of activities to celebrate this new-found liberation. Private dinner parties or catamaran cruises can be arranged on request. Use the duty-free shopping option to purchase a special retirement gift at any of the major stores in Barbados. You might just see some unique item that you had not seen at home… hmmm?


Selecting a honeymoon location?? Well, there are numerous hotels and apartments in Barbados from which to select when planning such a special event. Fine dining establishments, exotic island tours and beautiful, sandy beaches would appeal to even the most serious-minded bride who is waiting to be swept away at the beginning of this new journey.


Even if you are searching for a get-away location to recover after the loss of a loved one, Barbados is the place to be. The residents are generally helpful and friendly and Barbados, with its many hidden treasures, provides its own therapy.


Barbados is indeed special!




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