Picturesque View of Bathsheba, St. Joseph, Barbados Pocket Guide

Getaway Vacations

Have you ever just felt like getting away from it all? Spring break? Has there been a time when work was really stressful, when issues kept popping up and it was clearly time for a sanity break, or else... Time to plan a trip to Barbados!


Whether it's a weekend, one week or several, it will be difficult to come and leave disappointed. There is a wide variety of living accommodation from which to choose: from the 5-star hotel to the sea-side cottage. These are dotted all over the island from the north to the south coast. Of particular interest to those persons who are environmentally conscious and just want to get away from all the hustle and bustle are the choices on the scenic east coast. Places like Atlantis Hotel, NewEdgewater Hotel and Sea-U Guest House for example offer a different spiritual experience from the hotels on the hectic south coast.


The island of Barbados hosts sporting events such as marathons, cycling races and swim meets. There are restaurants galore covering everything from Thai, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, and of course Barbadian delicacies. Water sports and activities can be experienced on most, if not all of the beaches on the island. And how can one take a trip and not do any form of shopping?? One can purchase pottery, souvenirs, exotic or expensive jewellery and camera equipment. For the ladies, there are local designers, whose work might be of interest to you.


Convinced yet that Barbados is a great place to get away?? As many things as have been described, there is so much more to do and most of the time you can enjoy yourself undisturbed. We promise fine hospitality, great dining and varied entertainment in Barbados. So alone or with a group, plan that break now!




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