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Bathsheba, St. Joseph, Barbados, West Indies
Tel: (246) 433-9900
Fax: (246) 439-9902
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NewEdgewater as we know it today, has been through quite a few name changes throughout the years. Names such as Tenby House, Tent Bay House, Edgewater Hotel and Edgewater Inn have all been associated with this unique 24 room and suite hotel that sits on a picturesque setting on the east coast of Barbados. These name changes got off to a start in early 1947 when Mrs. Carter (who bought the property in 1946) changed its name from Tent Bay House to the Edgewater Hotel. The mahogany furniture in the hotel was built by hand by another owner by the name of Mr. Bowers and a local craft man.


NewEdgewater is surrounded by the fullness of nature as Joe's River can be found on its western side. Joe's River is a tropical rain forest that consists of eighty-five (85) acres of woodlands, hills, gullies and loads and loads of mahogany trees. There is a watercourse which accepts the down flows of rain and other water from the surrounding areas. Throughout the period of 1881 to 1937, the Bathsheba railway line transported passengers and cargo from Barbados' capital city Bridgetown, to Belleplaine. This railway was located just a few miles up from NewEdgewater.


Impressively enough, the present owners were able to preserve a significant amount of the antique mahogany furniture that was built by hand in the time of Mr. Bowers. This preservation has augured well in fusing a touch of old with a touch of new.


The Cliffside is the in-house restaurant of NewEdgewater. Your options of eating are increased here as you can either choose to sit on the outdoors and take in the fullness of the Atlantic Ocean's view or you can choose to sit indoors where you certainly won't be deprived of the cool and refreshing winds that come across the same Atlantic ocean. Acclaimed for its Bajan cuisine, Cliffside offers a wonderful blend of affordable culinary pleasures from its à la carte menu.


While in Barbados and you find yourself desirous of a hotel in a tranquil backdrop with a wide selection of good Bajan food, then by all means, visit NewEdgewater Hotel.


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