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Group Vacations

The island of Barbados is as multi-faceted as any other location. Its amenities and activities are of such to be equally appealing to the individual as to the varied groups and associations who are constantly seeking new venues to which to journey.


With varied and quality accommodation available to match most purse strings, negotiation of group rates is a reality of many of the larger hotels and properties. This basic level of flexibility should prove useful to most travelers, especially when there is a definite desire to travel with large numbers. The smaller apartments and guest houses are likely to negotiate on other aspects in line with and specific to the individual properties, for example, meals. There is no shortage of places to stay in Barbados, prospective groups can therefore select based on their needs.


If cost is a determining factor, self-contained accommodation can be sought which allows for purchase of groceries and careful management of food consumption. If this is not sufficiently attractive, Barbados has a wide assortment of food establishments, providing access to fast food, local, regional and international cuisine at varying price levels.


Access to meeting facilities is good in Barbados. If not possible to travel with all the equipment required, most multi-media and other items are available for rent from providers. And yes, some of the venues have equipment on site which it may be possible to negotiate in the overall package.


Barbados is a suitable destination for any kind of group. Whether school reunion, old scholar association, sports or religious groups; there is something to appeal to everyone. Special tours can be designed and organized based on the needs of the specific group. In fact, the group can identify and source special activities and request on-the-ground assistance in making arrangements.


We welcome groups to Barbados.




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