Special Needs Vacation

At a global level, there is a greater recognition of the requirements of those travelling persons who may have special needs. Barbados is such a location which caters to the needs of persons with disabilities, and while there is much work to be done, persons with special needs are welcomed and embraced.


Starting at the Barbados Grantley Adams International Airport, a number of wheel-chairs are available for those persons who may require this facility, but may not have travelled with their own resources. Sloped areas or ramps can be found at the airport and a number of business places and commercial institutions island-wide have had to make their premises wheel-chair accessible.


In many of the car-parks across the island, designated spots are provided nearest the establishment and/or elevator or pedestrian crossing, as applicable. These preferential spots are necessary so as to ensure that no one is unfairly advantaged one over the other.


In terms of public transportation in Barbados, these have not been fully standardized to accommodate wheel-chair travelling patrons, however other persons with special needs can travel without prejudice. It might be suggested that if persons with special needs are not familiar with the island, and are travelling as part of a wider group, that they should be accompanied when moving around the island. This support system should allow them to travel around and enjoy the island in comfort and safety.


Most of the attractions in Barbados are accessible to all, however if in doubt, the needs of the specific person or persons should be explained so as to understand the pros or cons of the particular activity. There is a National Disability Unit on the island. It is therefore suggested that they be engaged prior to arrival in Barbados for additional advice. Their email contact is: .




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