Visitors to a Hotel Relaxing in the Pool, Barbados Pocket Guide

Relaxation Vacations

It is great to be able to kick back and relax on occasion, and the ideal vacation is one where no thought has to be given to work, smartphones or schedules. Barbados is an ideal place where total relaxation can be experienced.


Walking is an excellent pastime, which simultaneously provides great exercise. The landscape of the island of Barbados is flat and conducive to taking long walks. The south coast stretch from the Garrison to Worthing is frequented by many and even a leisurely walk through the various nooks and crannies of the capital Bridgetown, can bring joy in its simplicity. Walking in groups or pairs is recommended and the same precautions taken when overseas should be applied when in Barbados.


On a relaxing vacation in Barbados, you can decide how to plan your day, or not as the case may be. There is absolutely no cost to visiting the various beaches on the island and certainly no restrictions on how to stay while there or the frequency of the trip. So, except for taking the necessary precautions against over-exposure to the sun's rays, an entire day can be blissfully spent watching or bathing in the clear blue sea surrounding the island.


Another way to enjoy a care-free vacation in Barbados is to allow the tour guides to do their work. Provide them with information on the things of interest, give them a budget, a time-frame for the tour and let them surprise you. Biking is also a cool way to get around the island. While some may consider it hard work, it remains an option for persons who want to get back to basics of transport and experience the cool air and the true value of stop and stare.


Need to be rejuvenated… then shoot the breeze in Barbados.




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