A Meal at a Restaurant, Barbados Pocket Guide

Gourmet Vacations

A vacation in Barbados can be classified as a gourmet opportunity all by itself. Although a relatively small island, there are so many choices of restaurants and eating establishments from which to select. Apart from the hotels with onsite restaurants and kitchens from which everything from breakfast to dinner can be obtained, each parish has its own slew of eateries. From the serious food connoisseurs and food writers to those visitors who just like exploring new types of cuisine, there is a location to satisfy both ends of the spectrum.


If seeking out top-class restaurants on the islands, the names Champers, Pisces, Tides, Mangos By the Sea, Zen and Daphne's are but a few. It is actually slightly unfair to start listing as each location has something special to offer and each has its own clientele, some of whom, including locals, visit quite often. These offer a variety of exquisite cuisine items covering seafood, meat and vegetarian dishes…ooh and the desserts….!


In terms of local cuisine, there is no shortages of locations to meet this need. There are however three establishments for which the extensive buffet spread makes them extremely popular with locals and visitors: Brown Sugar Restaurant in St. Michael and the NewEdgewater Hotel and Atlantis Hotel on the east coast.


The Barbados Hotel And Tourism Association (BHTA) has also developed and executed many food-tasting and gourmet events over the years. The Barbados Hospitality Institute, a subset of the Barbados Community College has planned periods during which the Hospitality students are allowed to showcase their work and talents and which the general public can enjoy for a fee.


A review of the "Restaurants" section in the Yellow Pages of the local directory speaks for itself. Plan your vacation and come prepared for a gastronomic delight on the shores of Barbados!



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