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Daphne's Restaurant


Contact Information

Paynes Bay, St. James, Barbados, West Indies
Tel: (246) 432-8501
Web: https://www.eleganthotels.com/daphnes


In Payne's Bay on the west coast of Barbados, a charming Italian restaurant is open for business as part of the offer of the Tamarind Cove Hotel, a member of the exclusive Elegant Resorts group. Created in sync with the original Daphne's in London, the Barbadian establishment was conceptualized to offer the same quality of service and food as the original.

Traditional Italian recipes are merged with modern concepts and the extra touch is added through the combination of sauces, seasonings and ingredients used to create Daphne's savoury dishes. The dining experience is expertly merged with the wonderful ambiance created at this restaurant where you can be swayed by the nearby sound of lapping waves.

On the main menu, one can find dishes such as Italian Antipasto and Iced Plum Tomato Soup with Basil for appetizers and Fisherman's Linguine, Spaghetti with Lobster or Sea Bass in Salt Crust with Broccoli for entrees. While the vast majority of persons really do enjoy their main meal, an equal or higher percentage, quietly await the time to select dessert. It will be no different during a visit to Daphne's in Barbados, and so the Tiramisu, Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream or Cantaloupe Melon Sorbet are mentioned here simply to tease the taste buds. Shall mention be made of the fact that the ice cream and sorbet selections are home-made?? 

A fine selection of wines and cocktails are available at this west coast dining establishment. Champagnes, sexy martini concoctions, liqueurs, fresh juices, sodas and more, so do ensure you carefully examine the wine and cocktail menus before making your ultimate decision. 

Daphne's is open for dinner from 6:00 to 10:00 pm nightly, except for the months of June through November, when it is closed on Monday nights.  

Dining Italian? Try Daphne's in Barbados.





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