The Cliff Restaurant at Dusk Time, Derricks, St. James, Barbados Pocket Guide

The Cliff Restaurant


Contact Information

Derricks, St. James, Barbados BB24110, West Indies

Tel: (246) 432-1922


Exclusivity, Service par Excellence, World-Class Cooking, Outstanding Location: these are but a few descriptions of this west coast restaurant on the island of Barbados. The Cliff is located on a small cliff-side on the water-front in Derricks in the parish of St. James.


Presentation of the meal is a significant component of the dining experience at The Cliff. Each dish carries somewhat of an intimate touch, and provides immense appeal to the visual senses. Although the building itself is attractive, patrons will immediately recognise that whether for a regular dinner or a formal function, the decorations appeal to the imagination and are appropriately selected for both the occasion and the desired ambiance. It is beautiful place and at dinner time, with the enhanced lighting, the transformation is almost magical, creating a completely romantic atmosphere.


Planning special events are a delight for the staff at The Cliff Barbados. Their focus is on creating a wow factor for their guests and ensuring that both value and delight are inextricably linked in the overall experience. Communication is essential during the planning, and the success of your event is limited only by your own imagination.


To give a mere hint of the menu offer, appetisers such as Spicy Thai Styled Beef Salad or Chargrilled White Asparagus or Cajun Salmon (Cooked Pink) for an entree are available. Only the very best wines and champagnes are available at The Cliff, however you should surely be able to avail of some of the more titillating cocktails if you ask.


The Cliff is generally open Mondays to Saturdays for dinner only; Sundays are added during the "winter" season in Barbados, during the months of December to April.







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