Sitar Indian Restaurant


Contact Information

Maxwell Coast Road, Christ Church, Barbados, West Indies
Tel: (246) 428-2825
Web: www.azul.bbv


One can enjoy many types of cuisine in Barbados and that is one of the things that make this small island so attractive for many travellers and residents. Essentially, one can find almost any type of cuisine on the island, thus minimizing the probability of becoming too home-sick.


In the midst of all the fast-food, Italian, Barbadian and Guyanese, to name a few, there is a restaurant in Holetown, St. James, Barbados, which offers authentic Indian cuisine. Located in 2nd Street, crowded with varying dining establishments catering to this busy tourist and commercial area, Sitar stands out for its specialty fare.


A scoop glance at the menu indicates that Sitar offers tandoori (marinated meat covered over high-intensity heat in a special oven) meals. That is the real stuff!! And for certain, the food at Sitar can satisfy the vegetarian as well, so in no way are they forgotten!! In fact they will be delighted at what is available!


Just so there is no mistaking, the identity of this establishment, a sample of some of the popular menu items will be given here in order to whet the appetite. Their samosas are delicious and while offered at many eateries island-wide (whether Asian or not), these can safely be set apart from most. There is a dish to try called Aloo Gobi (potato, cauliflower and a collection of other vegetables) seasoned to perfection with spices like turmeric and cumin. Oh, and if you've never tried Mattar Paneer (Cheese and peas cooked in sweet and tangy spices) on any of your trips to other Indian restaurants, do so at Sitar in Barbados... mmmmm.


Sitar is a small, well-run Indian restaurant on the west coast of Barbados, which opens in the evenings for dinner only.





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