Lobster Meal, Kathy's Restaurant, Treasure Beach, Paynes Bay, St. James, Barbados Pocket Guide

Kathy's Restaurant at Treasure Beach


Contact Information

Treasure Beach Hotel, 
Paynes Bay, St. James, Barbados
Tel: (246) 419-4200
Fax: (246) 432-1094
Web: www.treasurebeachhotel.com/dining


On the west coast of Barbados, on the Payne's Bay, Treasure Beach hotel property, there lies a "treasure" in the form of Kathy's Restaurant. The hotel itself is a small property and this quiet intimacy has extended itself to the restaurant. The main chef at Kathy's is a Barbadian who has worked at some superior locations overseas and at some of the other top dining establishments in Barbados, before coming to Treasure Beach a few years ago.


The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. Combining a Mediterranean style with the touch and flavors of Barbados, the chef has created a menu which appeals to the many overseas guests as well as the local regulars who patronize the restaurant. Traditional recipe ingredients such as chicken and shrimp are infused or blended with local items such as lime, guava, and sweet potato to create unique tastes to tickle the palate. Two examples to whet the appetite: Duck Breast Salad and Coconut Shrimp with Spicy Guava Sauce. To add some variety, a poolside barbecue buffet, complemented by live music, is offered on Tuesday nights.


If one is feeling languid and unable to make it to the dining room at any time during the stay at the hotel, the option of room service is available to the hotel's guests. Hours for room service run from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and there is no additional cost for this convenience. In fact, guests are unlikely to feel disadvantaged in any way as the items on the original menu are the same offered for in-room dining.


Please note that a dress code is in effect for evening dining at the Kathy's Restaurant. Outside of that, it is but one inviting option for dining out in Barbados and should be visited.






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