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Cliffside Restaurant


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NewEdgewater Hotel, Bathsheba, St. Joseph Barbados, West Indies
Tel: (246) 433-9493
Fax: (246) 439-2020


Visiting any strange country should ideally include some form of adventure and a visit to Barbados is no exception. While there are many activities to keep one busy in the central areas of the island, a trip to Barbados is somewhat incomplete without experiencing the natural beauty of its east coast.


On this coast, there is a hotel called the Edgewater Hotel, which is suitable for a relaxing retreat. On that property, one can find Cliffside Restaurant, which is well known for its sumptuous Bajan buffet. A popular stop on the island, for both visitors and locals, a scenic and somewhat hilly (for Barbados) drive must be faced in order to get there.


Cliffside Restaurant is open for breakfast from 7:30am. Lunch runs from noon to 3:00 pm and consists of a buffet as well as an a la carte menu from which items can be selected and ordered. The latter option is available Mondays to Saturdays only. On Sundays there is a special buffet with entertainment and reservations are strongly recommended.


At Cliffside, the buffet is prepared daily. Local delicacies such as pumpkin fritters and fishcakes, pudding and souse (pickled pork and steamed sweet potato), macaroni pie and soup are laid out. Not to mention flying fish, baked chicken and ham!! Dessert items such as chocolate cake, fruit cocktail and bread pudding form part of the buffet offer. You may be tempted to try everything, but it may just be too much!


To quench the thirst, one can avail of a fruit punch and depending on availability and the season; one can get a glass of coconut water, golden apple juice or mauby. Regular soda beverages are also available.


Cliffside restaurant in Barbados overlooks the Atlantic Ocean: enjoy!!




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