Visitors at a Beach Having a Great Time, Barbados Pocket Guide

Local Charm Vacations

Barbados is a small island in the Caribbean which like the others, has its own charm and appeal. As a potential destination, it has so many elements which are unique and exciting, sufficiently so as to inspire persons to create a vacation of charm and intrigue.


Each country on planet Earth would wish to boast of its own local wonder, something which might draw visitors to its shores constantly and have residents happy to stay and enjoy what it has to offer. Barbados is no different.


Well known for its  clear, clean sandy beaches and bright blue and turquoise sea water all around, long ago, these would have been the primary selling points for coming to Barbados. With the vast majority of its beaches safe for swimming, floating and non-strenuous water sports (e.g. Brandons Beach, Colony Club Beach and Mullins Beach), the others (e.g. Silver Sands, Bathsheba and Cattlewash), attract those more active sea-goers who are interested in high waves and surfing.


The island also possesses some natural underground gems. Harrison's Cave in St. Thomas is a developed cave which contains numerous sections of unspoilt beauty in the form of stalactites and stalagmites, pools and other formations. Thousands of visitors and locals pass through on an annual basis. The Animal Flower Cave is another such natural phenomena and is located in the parish of St Lucy. This cave is the only accessible sea cave on the entire island. At least up to this point!!


Interested in flowers and fauna? There are a number of beautiful gardens created as attractions and which are open to the general public. Orchid World, Andromeda Gardens and the Flower Forest are three which come to mind. Parks, secluded bays, exotic cuisine and lots more await you.


Barbados: the island which captures the imagination, come experience its charm!




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