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Rum Shops

As there is a seemingly endless amount of churches found on the beautiful and intriguing island of Barbados, so too, are there many rum shops to be found. We're not sure that this analogy of relations between the two is the best as the cultures of both these establishments are at two completely different ends of the spectrum. Nevertheless, this is all in an effort to bring to your attention the vast number of rum shops that exists in Barbados. As you traverse Barbados, you can be guaranteed to find a rum shop sooner or later. We are tempted to write, sooner rather than later.


Rum shops across Barbados are easily identified by either drinkers standing around with a glass of some alcoholic beverage in hand or the outsides well defined by the adornment of a variety of local advertising such as Banks Beer, Guiness, Coca Cola, Sprite, Frutee, Wibisco and Bico to name a few.


Rum shops across Barbados are simply social grounds. Here is where the people of Barbados gather to have a drink or in local parlance 'fire one'. Rum shops have also become a gathering ground for playing dominoes or in local parlance 'slam uh dom'. Dominoes is a very popular game that attracts quite a bit of attention as players are not only loud but the very action of slamming dominoes on the sometimes make shift table is one that creates quite a stir. You would be amazed at the level of conversation that goes on at some of these rum shops. Conversations can vary from politics to cricket to gossip. Simply put, just about anything goes in a rum shop.


Though rum shops across Barbados have a primary focus of selling rum and alcoholic beverages, the introduction of other goods have crept into these establishments. Some with a view of survival in the sometimes challenging market and others with a view of satisfying customers. As such, some rum shops now carry items such as household and food items.


No matter what your view of the typical rum shop in Barbados is, one thing is for sure and that is, a rum shop is the one place where you can eat and drink at a reasonable price.


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