Old Plantation House in St. Peter, Barbados Pocket Guide

Old Plantation Houses

An island filled with such history that dates back centuries ago is bound to have some aspect of that history still standing. Such history can be seen in the very old plantation houses that still grace the island. As you can imagine, a great number of age is associated with these houses as many of them were built in the 17th and 18th centuries. Many of them have been refurbished and brought back to as close to the original state as possible.


The old plantation houses that once belonged to plantation owners were built after the British arrived in Barbados in 1625. Many of these now historic homes were built with Jacobean and Georgian styles while the modest chattel houses inhabited by slaves were built of wooden structures set on blocks which aided in easy movement from one plantation to another.


A great amount of thought went into the construction of these old plantation houses as they were all built with the awareness that the island of Barbados sits in a hurricane belt. As a result their walls were thick, their roofs highly pitched and designed in a four hip style to shift the raging winds and hoods and shutters attached to the windows to shield strong winds and rains throughout the passage of tropical storms.


To date, some of the old plantation houses throughout Barbados are restored to their original state or in some instances renovated to add a more modern touch to their appearances.


Barbados National Trust Open House Programme

Visitors to the island of Barbados and locals are given an opportunity to view many of these old plantation houses on the island as the Barbados National Trust hosts its Open House Programme.


This annual Open House Programme runs from January to March and has been taking place for more than thirty (30) years. It is the prime fund-raising event of the Barbados National Trust. This programme affords visitors and locals the opportunity to visit and view some of the island's most historic and fascinating homes.


The relaxed ambience of these historic homes all across Barbados augurs well for the many visitors who grace their grounds which become like garden party grounds with lots of refreshments and snacks on sale. Laughter and friendly faces abound.


Aside from the history within the walls of these old plantation houses, many historic books on Barbados and the Caribbean are on sale. The lawns can also be seen coming alive with many creations from artists and craftspeople on the island who use these openings as a time to showcase their works of art.

Admission to the Open House Programme is as follows:-

• Barbados National Trust members - Bds $10.00
• Non-Members - Bds $20.00
• BARP members - Bds $15.00
• Children: 5 - 12 years 1/2 Price / Under 5 years - FREE


This extends to members of reciprocating Trusts and Societies, including National Trusts of Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, and certain heritage societies of the USA and Canada.


Further information on the Barbados National Trust Open House Programme can be sourced by contacting them at (246) 426-2421, (246) 436-9033, email address: or click here to visit their website.


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