Visitors to Porters Great House Stroll the Grounds as Part of the Open House Programme Hosted by the Barbados National Trust, Barbados Pocket Guide

Open House Programme

The Barbados National Trust has an Open House Programme that runs from January to March. This annual event has been taking place for more than thirty (30) years and is the prime fund-raising event of the Barbados National Trust. This programme affords visitors and locals the opportunity to visit and view some of the island's most historic and fascinating homes.


The relaxed ambience of these historic homes all across Barbados augurs well for the many visitors who grace their grounds which become like garden party grounds with lots of refreshments and snacks on sale. Laughter and friendly faces abound.


Aside from the history within the walls of these historic homes, many historic books on Barbados and the Caribbean are on sale. The lawns can also be seen coming alive with many creations from artists and craftspeople on the island who use these openings as a time to showcase their works of art.


Admission to the Open House Programme is as follows:-

Barbados National Trust members  -  Bds $10.00
Non-Members  - Bds $20.00
BARP members  - Bds $15.00
Children: 5 - 12 years 1/2 Price / Under 5 years  - FREE


This extends to members of reciprocating Trusts and Societies, including National Trusts of Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, and certain heritage societies of the USA and Canada.

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