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Wedding Locations in Barbados

The tropical island of Barbados is a prime consideration for a destination wedding. If you are seeking to experience your wedding celebration away from home, Barbados has very many locations to consider!


Let's start with the prime reasons for which most persons would leave North America or Europe to travel overseas to get married: sandy beaches and clear waters. This is still a relatively non-traditional choice; however it is gaining popularity with visitors and locals alike. If desirous of having the entire ceremony on one of the beaches, your wedding planner or concierge can confirm any special requirements in this regard, however it is suggested that this be totally investigated and cemented prior to finalizing your travel plans.


Many of the hotels on the island are receptive to, and indeed promote their properties as locations for the perfect wedding day and have packages on offer. From The Crane on the east to Sandy Lane on the west, they can open their grounds or grant permission for one of the dining rooms to be transformed following negotiation with the happy couple. Catering of the event is usually coordinated by a Banqueting Team in conjunction with Food and Beverage.


Unusual locations such as Harrison's Cave or Animal Flower Cave are not off limits. Not to mention, historic venues such as Sunbury Plantation House and Sweetfield Manor Historic Inn and B&B. Golden Grove Great House is also another historic home that is ideal for small, intimate gatherings. Dating as far back as the 17th century, this home provides the ultimate serene location with tropical gardens, uninterrupted solitude and a wealth of history to make your day even more special.


Needless to say, your wish is our command: choose Barbados for your wedding!



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