Couple at the Altar, Barbados Pocket Guide

Wedding Packages

You and your partner have decided to get married: one decision. You are trying to decide where. You are looking for a quiet, sunny, organized, secure and attractive piece of paradise and the island of Barbados comes to mind. Easy decision to make: Barbados is selected and now the real planning begins.


Any number of packages can be availed of for that wedding of a lifetime in Barbados. Each hotel property has its own pre-set package for your review and ultimate selection and may even have a planner on site with whom to work through the finer details. If a property already has a set-package, there is no obligation to choose it.


An example of a wedding package offered by a Barbadian hotel:
• Minister's Fee
• Transportation to Ministry of Home Affairs to obtain license
• A Bouquet and boutonniere for the bride and groom
• 1 photo portrait of the couple
• Area for the “reception” decorated
• A simple wedding cake
• A bottle of wine or champagne on the morning after


The above are some of the things which might be included in a basic package, which could then be extended to include things like a catered reception for a fee. As stated above, while there may be core items covered in any wedding package, each hotel or wedding planner may be able to negotiate extras on your behalf. A minimum stay may be required to be eligible for the special package: these finer details should be discussed with the individual provider.


There is no need to be limited to a hotel or conference facility as one of the most appealing considerations about getting married in Barbados is a well-appointed beach wedding set against the backdrop of the Caribbean Sea.


Create your fantasy wedding in Barbados!




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