Bride Getting Out of a Limousine on her Wedding Day, Barbados Pocket Guide

Getting Married in Barbados

A wedding in a sunny, tropical location with a backdrop of turquoise blue waters and boats bobbing in the distance: ooohh, how intriguing. Barbados, with its charming qualities is steadily becoming known as a destination of choice for getting married.


The planning of a wedding ceremony is the fore-runner to what will hopefully be a lifetime of memories created by and for the happy couple. Indeed, one of the main factors is to enjoy a stress-free wedding and this can be achieved in Barbados. Of course, there are requirements to be met and stipulations to be followed, while these are made relatively simple, there must be full compliance.


There are quantum locations in Barbados from which to select for this special occasion. A civil ceremony in  a magistrates office is a definite possibility. Quite a few religious denominations are represented on the island of Barbados: Anglicans, Methodists, Wesleyan, Roman Catholics, Nazarene, Baptist and more. There is therefore no reason why a couple should be restricted if they are desirous of a traditional church ceremony on their wedding day.


Today, many persons are keen to move completely away from tradition or do combinations of both. Seaside or beach weddings are extremely attractive and popular options and everything from start to finish can be accommodated, so long as the requisite permissions have been obtained. A number of the hotels offer wedding packages, where you can have your wedding totally coordinated and executed to meet your standards, based on budget, personal preferences and special touches.


These packages are extremely popular and range from the very basic to the really exotic, all based on the desires of the couple (primarily the bride). And so photography and videography can usually be negotiated as part of a package.

Priceless memories… Your Wedding… in Barbados.




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