Groom Signing Wedding Contract

Marriage Requirements

Getting married at home or travelling to a distant location to do so??


Following is a list of the requirements for getting married on the pretty island of Barbados:



This is an essential component. A valid passport or the original or a certified copy of the applicant's birth certificate and identification card must be presented.

Proof of Status

Evidence must be presented to prove eligibility of the parties to marry each other. Therefore, if either party was previously married and widowed, documentation in the form of that marriage certificate and the death certificate of the deceased spouse must come forward.


If it is, that either party informs he or she is divorced, then an original Decree Absolute or a certified copy of the Final Judgment given must be provided to the Barbadian Authorities. The Decree Nisi is not acceptable.



The official language of Barbados is English. If any of the stipulated documents are not in English, there must be a commensurate translation certified by an authorized Notary Public given.



A letter from the local official who has agreed to marry the couple must form part of the documentation.


Important Note

No person under the age of sixteen (16) can be legally wed on the island of Barbados.


If between the ages of sixteen and eighteen and desirous of getting married, the written consent of both parents (or designated alternate) must be provided and both parents must be present at the time of the application. Extenuating circumstances which might prevent any aspect of this specific requirement being met, would need to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.


The foregoing must be presented to the Ministry of Home Affairs in Bridgetown in order for the application to be processed and the marriage license extended.


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