Decorated Limousine on a Wedding Day, Barbados Pocket Guide

Wedding Photographers

A picture can paint a thousand words and in planning your wedding, you are certain to want those "words" to last a lifetime. In coming to Barbados for your special day, there is no need to fear that these expectations cannot be met and that you will need to travel with your own official photographer.


On the island of Barbados, there are many reputable photo studios and individual photographers, with a fair percentage of these specializing in wedding photography. It would be unfair to start listing names; however there are a few options through which you can obtain this information. The Yellow Pages of the Barbados directory carry an extensive list; friends or acquaintances may have previously travelled to the island and be able to provide references, the hotel or place where you are staying may be able to provide some recommendations for your personal review. Finally, there is the option of simply searching online for "wedding photography in Barbados" and conducting your short-listing exercise from the comfort of your home.


Alternatively, on reaching the island, a visit can be made to a few studios of choice or you can ask if they might be willing to come to your place of accommodation. There, face-to-face discussions can be held and you can assess your level of comfort with the individual(s) and make a decision.


In fact, many of these photographers are quite creative and have impressive portfolios which can be viewed by prospective clients. Whether indoor or outdoor photos, church or waterfront, catamaran or flower garden, they can listen to the ideas of the client and create images and exotic shoots which have the potential to wow!!


So, go ahead and plan that wedding… there are excellent photographers in Barbados!


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