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Marriage Licences

General Requirements for a Marriage Licence


Valid passports



If either party was married previously and widowed, a certified copy of the marriage certificate and death certificate in respect of the deceased spouse



If either party was divorced, an original Decree Absolute OR certified copy of the Final Judgments, NOT the Decree Nisi



All documents not in English must be accompanied by a translation certified by an authorized Notary Public (NOT a Justice of the Peace)



A letter from the marriage officer who has agreed to perform the marriage ceremony (provided by Tropical Weddings)



Persons under the age of sixteen (16) cannot be legally married in Barbados. For persons between the ages of sixteen (16) and eighteen (18), the consent of both parents must be obtained and both parents must be present at the time of the application



Original deed poll if either party has had a name change



Persons eighteen (18) years and older do not require parental consent.
If you are getting married in a church other documents would need to be organized ahead of time - please click here for a list of such documents


Church Weddings

Additional Requirements for Anglican Church Weddings:

Baptism certificates

Letter from your local pastor/vicar indicating that premarital counseling has been completed

Divorcees must provide a copy of the divorce decree and the pleadings in the divorce

Some select reverends do not require the premarital counseling, or baptism certificate, however divorce pleadings are mandatory.


Additional Requirements for Roman Catholic Church Weddings:   

The Pre-Marital Enquiry must be completed and signed by the Bride and Groom

Baptismal Certificates issued within the past six months indicating that both are free to marry

A signed statement of Freedom to Marry by the Parish Priest of the couple

A Certificate of Participation in a program of preparation for marriage

In the case of mixed marriage, permission to marry or dispensation from Disparity of Cult issued by the Bishop of your diocese

In the event that a previous marriage was contracted by either party, a Death Certificate or Declaration of Nullity is required

Testimonial letters from the Bishop of your diocese

A Record of Confirmation

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