Jack in the Box Gully

Jack-in-the-Box Gully is inextricably linked to the Aerial Trek Zipline in St. Thomas, Barbados as the latter has been created within the confines of this gully. Landmarks to Jack-in-the-box are found through tracing one's route to Welchman Hall Gully in the same parish and it is a location that one is likely to just come upon.




This gully can be said to be a prime example of eco-tourism long before it became an official expression. Some persons, on examination, might refer to it as a jungle… an area in Barbados that has remained truly beautiful and unspoilt. Its landscape can be characterized as one with very tall trees, fully natural vegetation and hundreds of variety of flowers and foliage, the majority of which  evolved based on location, a very few of which may have been planted by design.


There is no admission fee to enter the gully itself. So feel free to take a hike or avail of the Aerial Trek Zipline attraction on the same location for which a fee is charged!




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