St. Thomas Parish Church, Barbados Pocket Guide

St. Thomas Anglican Church

St. Thomas Parish Church is located in one of the original Parishes that was established on the island of Barbados in 1629 by the English settlers who landed at Holetown in the parish of St. James.  Currently, St. Thomas is one of the two parishes on the island of Barbados which is completely landlocked; the other parish is St. George.




St. Thomas Parish Church sits in the district of Arch Hall right at the corner of one of the largest roundabouts on the island, just at the top of the hill that leads down to Holetown in the parish of St. James.


The current structure of this parish church was built in 1836 to replace the church that was destroyed by the hurricane that ravaged the island of Barbados in 1831. In fact the present church is the fourth parish church built in the area.


St. Thomas Parish Church dates back to 1629 with that first building being destroyed by the hurricane that hit the island in 1675.  The parish church was rebuilt in 1675 but this structure too was demolished by the great hurricane that struck the island in 1780.  It was some six years before the church was rebuilt and by 1831 it was again destroyed by the hurricane that reduced most of the churches on the island of Barbados to ruins. The current building of the St. Thomas Parish Church is sited just a little ways away from the original site and was constructed at a cost of two thousand, six hundred and sixty six pounds (£2666.00) and measures some three thousand, seven hundred and thirty five square feet (3735 sq. ft.).


In appearance, this church is quite similar to the St. Peter's Parish Church. Their design is rather less Gothic in design from some of the other Parish Churches around the island of Barbados which in fact, is quite contrary to the normal building and architectural practices of the mid-nineteenth century. The appearance of these two churches is certainly less daunting and imposing when compared to that of St. John's Parish Church for instance. None-the-less, the St. Thomas Parish Church still manages to evoke a quiet, understated elegance and charm.


The present church holds a commanding position and is the first large structure that you see as you approach the area while travelling along Highway 2A in any direction.  The church also has a small graveyard which is located on the south side of the church which is completely enclosed by a quite imposing coral stone wall.  The church hall is also located just beyond the cemetery.


St. Thomas Parish Church currently has six (6) church organizations, they include…

The Mothers' Union
The Men's Fellowship
Prayer Group
Health Group
Flower Guild
Ushers and an online group known as the Young Adults which is based on Facebook


St. Thomas Parish Church has also embraced the new technology of the time and as such their services can be heard live online by navigating to the following link, here you can also follow along with the Order of Service. Additionally, if you missed a service or simply want to hear a previous service, you can click here or click on the Worship tab on the previous page and follow the instructions. St. Thomas Church is definitely bringing the Anglican Church of Barbados into the 21st century.


St. Thomas Parish Church is a beautiful old church that beacons all visitors to come and explore whether in person or in the virtual world online.  All are welcomed.



Sunday - 7:00 a.m, 9:00 a.m & 6:00 p.m.


Contact Information

Telephone (Office)  -  (246) 432-5568
Residence  - (246) 271-059
Email  - (Church)
Email  - (Rector)




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