Wildlife Reserve

There is no better way to enjoy a tranquil day surrounded by nature and animals roaming around freely than to wander around the Barbados Wildlife Reserve in the parish of St. Peter. The reserve is settled on 4 acres of land covered with mahogany forests finished with paths designed so visitors can explore deeper into the reserve and be more intimate with the animals. Animals such as monkeys, snakes, peacocks, birds, turquoises etc. stroll around the community nonchalantly which provides a real perspective of how these animals live their day to day lives rather than behind bars or in cages like in a zoo.

The site was started in 1982 and was originally created for the conservation and study of green monkeys. Then in 1985, this changed to being a reserve for an array of animals and now hosts visitors to come and explore and sometimes even feed the animals. After enjoying the reserve, many visitors pack a picnic and head over to Farley Hill which is a park hidden under a forest of mahogany trees creating much needed shade. Farley Hill posses breathtaking views of the scenic east coast, playgrounds for children to play on as well as an old mansion in ruins that guests can explore. It is a nice relaxing escape after the Wildlife Reserve and should not be missed out!

To find out more click here: https://www.barbadoswildlifereserve.com

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