Globe Cinema, Roebuck Street, St. Michael, Barbados Pocket Guide

Globe Cinema

Up until December of 2011, the Globe Cinema was the only cinema located within the environs of Barbados' capital city Bridgetown. Located at Upper Roebuck Street, the cinema is centrally located and easily accessible to the many patrons who once frequented this local attraction.


In its prime time, the Globe Cinema showed the same movies that were being shown at the Globe Drive In on any given week. This ensured that this exciting form of entertainment was accessible to all persons, locals or visitors, whether you possessed a vehicle or not. However, the cinema catered to a younger crowd of patrons, especially those who have not yet attained a driver's license.


Movies presented at the Globe Cinema were viewed in Dolby surround sound and patrons had a choice of sitting in the general area, commonly referred to as the pit, or in the balcony. The general cost of admission for an adult was $12.00 (Bds.) for the pit and $15.00 (Bds.) for the balcony; while children paid $6.00 and $8.00 respectively.  


The cinema had a snack bar which provided all of the typical movie theatre snacks (pizza, hotdogs, hamburgers, sodas, candy and popcorn) as well as the more local fare (Flying Fish cutters, samosas, rotis and Bajan fish cakes).


From Movie Theatre to Worship Hall

Apostle T. Wayne Bishop left Barbados in 2008 as a result of being accused of stealing church funds. He is back now with a sole purpose of winning souls as he intends to transform this once popular movie theatre into a place of worship with services held on Sumdays and during the week.


The history of the Globe Cinema dates back to somewhere around the 1930 or 1940s.


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