Entrance to St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church, Barbados Pocket Guide

St. Lawrence Gap

There is absolutely no doubt that nightlife on the south coast is synonymous with St. Lawrence Gap. Affectionately known to all as "The Gap", this stretch of street is located in the parish of Christ Church and has registered itself in the minds of locals and tourists alike as the place to be for fine dining, casual eating, dancing, loads of music, shopping, a bit of history and a variety of accommodation.

The interesting paradox of St. Lawrence Gap lies in the fact that amidst the hustle and bustle of the heart of "The Gap", there is a calm bay that is found at its entrance by the name of St. Lawrence Bay or Little Bay. Shallow at low tide, one can walk a far way out and still feel safe while in its waters. Snorkelling is recommended in one of the shallow reefs protecting St. Lawrence Bay with many varieties of tropical fish, aquatic plants and fascinating rock formations seen in the individual coves. 

As you amble along St. Lawrence Gap you are bound to see a number of food vendors selling all kinds of delicacies. These vendors are there both day and night and just like the restaurants, will be more than happy to serve you. 

As per the rest of the island, taxi service in St. Lawrence Gap is easily accessible.


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