Mojo Bar

Mojo Bar is a cocktail bar located on Worthing's main road, Christ Church, on the island of Barbados and within walking distance of the famous St. Lawrence Gap. This bar was officially opened on December 1, 1999 by Mark Luckhoo and Neil Bethel but after six (6) years in operation on December 21, 2005, management changed and the new owners are Dominique Osorio and Phil Archer.


Such is the popularity with Mojo you get people coming to Barbados from as far as Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds in England in an effort to enjoy their uninterrupted sunshine and ever friendly atmosphere. This same very atmosphere along with its consistent drinks, affordable meals and great music are all responsible for the success Mojo has had over the years.


On the outside of Mojo, it resembles somewhat of a chattel house but the inside is quite impressionable as the walls have pictures of its regular customers as well as musicians including Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley and U2. On the interior walls of Mojo, there are also pictures of some of the beers sold there such as Heineken, Guinness and Banks Beer.


The ambience at Mojo is such that it is ideal for those who simply feel like wearing a pair of jeans and not spending too much. Your eating options are open to having your drinks on the outside of the bar where there is seating under large umbrellas, in their mini size lounge indoors or of course right at the bar.


The music ranges between old school rock, reggae and modern classics. Mojo bar has taken great care and attention in employing staff who are very friendly.


Monday nights is Acoustic night and might very well be the most popular night. With a motto such as "Music for the People, Food for the Soul" you know you are in for a treat.


When in Barbados and care to spend an evening out, you can give them a call at (246) 435-9008 to find out which night best suits you.




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