In Barbados, when someone hears Taboo, great atmosphere, great drinks and great party all come to mind. Formally named The Boatyard, Taboo is now under new management but still possesse the same great qualities and more.


Ideally located at the Boatyard Complex, Bay Street, St. Michael on the outskirts of Barbados' capital city, Bridgetown, Taboo is the place to be every Saturday night. It comprises of the South Deck Grill which offers excellent beachfront dining, the Boatyard Beach Club which offers Coastal Cruises, Water-Sports, Snorkeling and SCUBA Diving along with beach facilities.


Sharkeys Bar is the liveliest Bar on island, the Shark Shak offers excellent Souvenirs and Taboo Night Club offers the best in live entertainment on selective nights. By day Sharkeys Bar is where persons would go and quench their thirst. This bar can't be missed as it is very colorful. By night Taboo transforms into the hottest bar in Barbados.


With each week comes a different theme and this is further highlighted as the people in Barbados and tourists alike come out in their respective themes, especially for Halloween. With great entrance fee specials, why go anywhere else in Barbados other than Taboo? Under the direction and management of Clint Gregory, Taboo offers twenty (20) free passes each week to the first 20 persons lucky enough to answer the given question correctly.


Taboo comes complete with Taboo dancers, free jello shots, guest artists drinks free until 3:00 am, 2 for 1 specials and more. Another feature of Taboo that makes it stand out is the famous Taboo chair. This chair is placed in the middle of the stage and one of the Taboo workers pour a shot of alcohol down the patron's throat and immediately after spins the chair in a brisk fashion. When the chair stops, the patron is asked to get up and leave the chair. Beware, this chair is not for everyone. Those weak at heart or persons that get light-headed quickly should avoid the chair but if you are adventurous this is an experience you will never forget. Up to 2 persons can go on the chair at once.


Doors are usually opened from 10:00 pm and the party finishes around 4:00 am. With Djs Cyclone and Flee there is no other place to be but at Taboo.


How to get to Taboo? On leaving Bridgetown heading towards the south coast, Taboo is located on the sea-side. Look for the colorful buildings on your right and the Taboo logo on the front gates.




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