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Sir Garfield Sobers

Born July 28, 1936, to Shamont and Thelma Sobers of Walcott Avenue, Bay Land, St. Michael, Sir Garfield Sobers or Sir Gary as he is affectionately known to most of the island, is truly a cricketing legend. The only living national hero of Barbados, he has taken himself from poor and humble upbringings to acclaiming world-wide recognition as being the greatest all-rounder in the history of cricket.


For more than 20 years he has been able to tantalise the cricket fields, leaving spectators in absolute awe and wondering what next. His unique and elegant cricketing style allowed him the ability to bat, bowl, field, wicket keep and rise to captaincy of the West Indies team.


By the age of 13, Sobers was signed up to play for Kent in the Barbados Cricket League (BCL) competition. This opened up a grand opportunity for a youngster as he got to play with an older team. While playing at Wanderers his talent was soon after further recognized by Police team captain, Inspector Wilfred Farmer (a former Wanderers player and Police Commissioner).


The Police First Division team welcomed him by the age of 16 and that same year he was called to the Barbados trials for the 1952-1953 tour by India to the West Indies.


In March 1954, his international debut for the West Indies was made at the age of 17, when he played in the fifth and final test against the touring English.


At age 21, he scored an unbelievable 365 runs (not out). This record was unbeaten as the highest individual test score, until it was replaced in Antigua in 1994 by West Indies captain Brian Lara who scored 375 runs.


At Lord’s in 1966 he was seen as the first batsman to score six sixes in a six ball over in a first match.


In 1969 he was noted as one of the very first personalities who tried to unite races through the sport of cricket.


Sir Gary retired from cricket in 1974 due to a knee injury and was knighted the following year by Queen Elizabeth II in recognition of his outstanding contribution to international cricket.


Sir Garfield Sobers Statue

gary-sobers-statue barbadosWeighing 1.5 tonnes, this bronze statue which stands at 12ft tall (monument height - 20ft tall) is the work of masters of the art sculptors Karl and Virgil Broodhagen. On Sunday April 28th, 2002 the Sir Garfield Sobers sculpture was originally unveiled as part of the Heroes Day Celebrations. It was dedicated to Sir Garfield Aubrun Sobers for his accomplishments as the world’s greatest all-rounder cricketer and for his contributions to the world of cricket. The Garfield Sobers roundabout is located at Wildey, St. Michael in Barbados and is named after this national hero and cricketing legend.


On November 19th, 2006. The Sir Gary Sobers Statue as it is called in Barbados has since been relocated to the Kensington Oval Facility. The statue can now be seen near the entrance of the Sir Garfield Sobers Players' Pavilion, on the Pickwick Walk.


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