Filled with nothing but absolute energy and confidence, Jaicko hails from Barbados and is clearly set to take over the world one continent at a time with his Caribbean-infused pop tunes. This young singing sensation with a full head of hair tand green eyes has stirred up more than enough attention for himself in the music arena. Many comment that he sounds very much like Chris Brown but the one thing Jaicko always aims to do is keep his own identity.


Such examples are seen in the likes of Stevie Wonder, the late Michael Jackson and the late Bob Marley. These are the musical geniuses from whom Jaicko simply draws his lyrical inspiration, while at the same time maintaining his own identity and individuality.


But who exactly is Jaicko and where has this singing sensation turned up from all of a sudden? Jaicko Lawrence was born on August 6, 1991 in Christ Church, Barbados and currently resides in New York City.


His Musical Career

Music has always been in Jaicko's blood and has always been a part of his existence. After all, what better influence and inspiration than to be fully backed by your own dad Philip Forrester who is a longtime nightclub musician and member of IV De People band. 


Jaicko's dad acknowledged his talent when he heard the then 9-year-old rapping a verse from Lil' Bow Wow's "Bow Wow (That's My Name?)". It was with immediate effect that he was whisked away to the recording studio to record a song that was to be played on the radio.


This initiative and exposure lit the fire for the pursuit of Jaicko's musical career on a serious level and so, by the age of eleven (11) he was destined for greatness by singing, recording, sending out demos and attending meetings with record labels.


He has been nominated for six (6) Barbados Music Awards, including Best Pop Single, Pop/R&B Artist Of The Year, Songwriter Of The Year, and Album Of The Year in 2008. His debut single "Oh Yeah", was produced by the Stereotypes and reached #2 on the Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop Singles. It was written by Lil Eddie, Tiwa Savage and Kamaria Ousley. The remix version features Snoop Dogg and reached #77 on the Canadian Hot 100.


Jaicko's debut album entitled 'Can I' has quite a number of songs that were written and produced by Jaicko himself. He collaborated with the production team Stargate and Jim Jonsin on the project. Another single "FFWD" is featured on the compilation NOW 33.


Prior to signing with Capitol Records, Jaicko released a rap solo album independently in Barbados in November 2006, selling 6,000 copies without major distribution.


His first single, 'Oh Yeah,' has already been remixed by Snoop, and for the album tracks that he didn't self-produce, a notable team of producers - Stargate (Ne-Yo, Beyonce), Rob Allen (Chris Brown, Rihanna) and Jim Jonson (Lil Wayne), all lent a helping hand in the production process.


Jaicko is quoted as saying "The reason why I decided to name the album 'Can I' was because I was doing music from nine years old. I'm 18 now," Jaicko said. "From then 'til now, I went through a lot of struggles both personally and being in the music industry. That kind of motivated me to write the track. I think a lot of people will be able to relate to it... I think the world needs a real track like that, coming from someone young."


Hair's the Issue

Jaicko's hair has always been his 'beauty' but that wasn't quite the case while he attended school in Barbados. Being the typical youngster he looked up to his father and naturally wanted to emulate his style. Hence the longer than usual hair.


With his father being a musician and having long hair, Jaicko strongly felt as if this was the direction he wanted to take in life. Not many young people are as focused as this young man as he recognised his abilities at an early age and was determined to get ahead with his plan at hand. He was asked to cut his hair while attending school in Barbados but didn't conform and this ultimately caused him to be expelled as his ideas and views didn't come into alignment with the prevailing practices. He went on to be home schooled and ever since then has deepen his heart into the world of music.


20 Things You Should Know About Jaicko

• He spent Xmas with Rihanna at her house in Barbados this past holiday

• When he's on the road he travels with three suitcases

• His eyes are really green

• He's the biggest Taylor Swift fan

• He was a rapper before I started singing

• The first time he sang in the studio he cried

• He has a younger brother and two younger sisters

• His favourite city is New York

• His favourite show is Family Guy

• He uses more hair products in his hair than most girls

• He's a night owl

• His best friend is his mom

• Coffee makes him crazy

• His nickname is J

• He produces his own tracks

• He doesn't like wearing V necks

• He loves desserts but never gets to eat them

• He loves to dance

• He got expelled from school for not cutting his hair

• Michael Jackson is his favourite artist of all time


Jaicko readily admits that the music industry is not a kid's game and he has certainly shown his maturity and focus as he stands grounded amidst the stardom he has received. Jaicko Lawrence, a young singing sensation that Barbados can be proud of.


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