Philip 7

The attachment of the number seven (7) to his first name is symbolic as he believes that this number has always been a lucky number for him, hence the stage name Philip 7.


Philip 7 was born Philip Scantlebury and is yet another musical dreadlocked beauty that hails from the island of Barbados. This singer, songwriter and guitarist is the lead singer and manager of the band MASALA, which is well-knowned for its alternative, pop, R&B, soca and rock music right here in Barbados.


His hit single 'Beautiful Surprise' had great and rapid success in the music industry and has won him the title of the best rock/alternative artist at the Barbados Music Awards 2008.


Philip grew up in the Eagle Hall in the parish of St. Michael in Barbados and has three (3) brothers and one (1) sister. He received his secondary education at Roebuck Secondary School in Barbados and was single-handedly raised by his mother Jeannette Scantlebury. Philip lauds his mother as a phenomenal woman and his hero as he saw the sacrifice that was made and the love that was given while raising him and his siblings. Such an outpour has served well in allowing him to now be a grounded young man and an example for others to follow.


Despite growing up in Barbados and being exposed to a relatively narrow-minded society at large, Philip dares to step out of the box and think big and different. This way of thinking has enabled him to develop as a person and musician.


His Musical Career

Philip's singing career got started when he was nineteen (19) years old. His early influences of R&B artist Brian McKnight and Stevie Wonder have inspired him on his current path along with the sense of style associated with fashion icon, Lenny Kravitz.


His singing potential developed and went public when he became a member of a local group Suave. Further exposure and an introduction to rock music came about when he subsequently joined forces with a soul and blues band on the island called Acoustic Blue. The name Acoustic Blue was then changed to Le Grove and sometime after that change, his R&B and Reggae style developed due to his collaboration with the Tony Norville Project.


The band Strategy was formed after he teamed up with Kirk Brown but a year later, Philip created the band Masala.


His Debut Album MASALA has seen swift distribution throughout local and Caribbean radio stations. It features hits such as 'Beautiful Surprise', 'Looking For' and 'Nothing Left To Say'


His band Masala performs at Lord Willoughby's Tavern on the west coast of Barbados on Friday nights. On Saturday nights at The Ship Inn and on Tuesday nights at Jumbies, both located in St. Lawrence Gap on the south coast of Barbados. The band covers a musical blanket of soca, reggae, 60's Beatles tunes, 70's rock classics and some of Philip's original work.


Philip is managed by Santia Bradshaw of Pyramid Entertainment and works with a team of writers from Sony/BMG to create his songs. His musical producer is Gary Serrao of Gee Whizz Studios.


Further information on Philip 7 and the band MASALA can be sourced at the following website


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