Brian Talma

Brian Talma was born and bred in Barbados and is known throughout the island as the 'Irie Man'. This world class windsurfer and international sports personality Brian is a true veteran on the Professional Windsurfing Association  (PWA) world tour. In 1989 he represented Barbados  at the Seoul, Korea Olympics and soon became one of the most lively personalities around.


The Introduction of Windsurfing to Barbados

Barbados picturesque south coast became familiar grounds for Brian's childhood activities. In 1993, he got involved with windsurfing which at the time was a sport that not much of Barbados was familair with at all.


The extreme at which Brian took his windsurfing soon saw him as one of the people responsible for putting Barbados in the Professional Windsurfing Association league.


In 1991 Brian held top ten (10) competition results in Barbados,  Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Gran Canaria and Germany. That same year, he came in the top twenty (20) in Wave Performance on the world tour.


In 1992 he finished 12th and in 1993 he secured 17th position. A position he held for several consecutive years.


Freestyle Windsurfing

Freestyle windsurfing is quite beneficial as it takes place close to the shore on relatively flat water. This creates greater visibility for the spectators and allows better viewing access for potential competitions. Freestyle welcomes impressive aerial maneuvers and flat water tricks in an action-packed wave performance format.


In 1998 Brian's approach to this  new discipline, gained him 13th place in the world and the following year he placed 10th in the world ranking.


Brian is always looking for new and innovative ways to capture and keep windsurfing fans in Barbados interested in the sport. His never-ending energy puts him at an advantage as this allows him to see no limit in sight when it comes to taking windsurfing in Barbados to higher heights.


Promoting Windsurfing in Barbados

As passionate as Brian is about surfing, so too is he about Barbados. So much so that every opportunity he gets to market the two, you can be guaranteed that it will be done. He travels to new destinations to write about his various experiences associated with windsurfing and related publications. As television and video crews pass through Barbados you can be sure to find Brian willingly providing information on the island and windsurfing.


He  currently has several very active sponsors;  F2 Boards, Arrow Sails and Silver Rock Resort in Barbados, along with  the International German clothingfirm, Chiemsee and his newest sponsor,  Virgin Atlantic Airways,.


A King Honoured in His Own Country

The year 1994 was the year that Brian Talma was awarded the Barbados Service Star Award and became the youngest recipient of such a prestigious award. This award is a national honor in Barbados that is conferred on a select few who would have made a special contribution to Barbados that is recognised to be of any great significance. Brian's contribution was surely significant as he was honored for his promotion and development of windsurfing and  for his extensive promotion of Barbados throughout the world.


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