Belleville, St. Michael, Barbados Pocket Guide

Belleville Then

Back in 1880s, Belleville was developed as an exclusive residential area in Barbados. One of Barbados' own entrepreneur by the name of Sam Manning (founder of Manning & company which is now DaCosta Manning) and his business partner George Whitfield acquired sixty (60) acres of land which they divided into eleven (11) parallel avenues between the two (2)  parallel streets of Pine Road and George Street. Some regarded Belleville back then as the first viable display of good town planning in Barbados.


Palm Trees, Many Years Ago that Line the Street in Belleville, St. Michael, Barbados Pocket guideIn 1910, eighth (8th) through eleventh (11th) avenues were available for public access while up until about 1935, first (1st) through seventh (7th) avenues catered to private residents. This was all made possible through a decalaration that was published by Sam Manning.


St. Cyprian's Church

On February 24th, 1890, Lady Sendall, the wife of the Governor, laid the corner stone of The Church of St. Cyprian. This ceremony was conducted by Bishop Branch of Antigua based on the fact that Bishop Bree was in England.


Mr. John Blackman undertook the building operations of the Chapel which spread over a four year period. This time duration was based on the availability of incoming funds which were solely presented as voluntary contributions.


On September 26th, Bishop Bree sanctified the Chapel. In later years, the galvanised roof was replaced with wood and shingles and a northern aisle and porch were added. Two other plots of land were subsequently added and used for the purpose of accommodating the Belleville School, now known as St. Winifred's School and the other plot was used as a tennis lawn for the pupils of the school.


St. Cyprian's Church is located in Belleville and within walking distance from Bridgetown, the capital city of Barbados.


Present-Day Belleville

Present-day Belleville has changed quite  a bit and the once 900 cabbage palm trees that were planted many years ago during its developmental stages, are mostly gone.


Not many original residents are found in Belleville at this time as Belleville has been slowly but surely transformed into a business hub where few reside but many commute to and fro to work or on business. The once quiet and high society atmosphere that pervaded these avenues of this well structured development in Barbados has now been turned into an almost city oriented place.


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