Zed's Surfing Adventures

If you are looking for a surfing holiday, then we strongly suggest you take  a trip to Zed's Surfing Adventures. Since 2002, they have been the leading surfing school on the island of Barbados and through the years, have been constantly striving for excellence. Notable mention has been made of this surfing school with names such as NY Times, Conde Nast Traveller, Times Online, Fox and Friends. Also of notable mention is the fact that Zed's Surfing Adventures has surpassed the ratings of Tripadvisor.com for the best surf attraction found in Barbados.

Surfing at Zed's Surfing Adventures doesn't always have to be done in a group setting as lessons on a one-on-one and for couples are also available. Group surf lessons are held daily from 10:00 am until 12:00 pm. 2 hours is the allocated time for each surfing lesson with 20 minutes of that time being spent on the beach going through the basics of surfing. The remaining time is spent in the water with an instructor who ably assists in ensuring you are kept safe and grasp as much practical knowledge of surfing. Surf boards are chosen based on your height and weight.

Services at Zed's Surfing Adventures include you being picked you up from your hotel or villa and being brought back to your original location. Please note that this service is exclusive to Barbados' south coast only.
Click here for rates and more information on Zed's Surfing Adventures.
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