Surfside Wellness Centre

Surfside Wellness Centre has two (2) locations in Barbados at Wildey and Warrens, both in the parish of St. Michael. Their qualified team of fitness professionals, brought together by George Griffith, aim to make you live better, move better, feel better and perform better.


On entering their ultra-modern wellness facilities, one can't help but feel an immediate sense of results no matter what the physical challenge. Friendly, personalised service greets you at the door to simply ensure you are always kept at ease while you embark on a new and improved way of life.


The staff at Surfside Wellness Centre not only ensure you become physically confident but they also ensure that you undertake specific measures of discipline when it comes to your diet. There's even a set of online recipes from which you can choose.


Initation Fees

An initiation fee is charged on all one year and six months memberships which are being paid in instalments. This fee is waived for up-front payments. Returning members with bad credit histories are also charged this fee for payments in instalments.


Membership Rates

We offer a range of tailored memberships to best fit your needs.  Call to set up your tour of the club and to discuss which membership package best suits your needs.


Cancellation of Membership
Members may cancel their membership at any time by completing and returning the cancellation form and returning it to Surfside


"Freezing" Membership

Members may freeze or put their membership on hold at any time by completing and returning the “Freeze” membership form to club in which they are enrolled.  You may freeze your membership for a minimum of one month or maximum of 12 months.

For further information on Surfside Wellness Centre, click here or call Surfside Wellness (Wildey) at (246) 436-1024 or Surfside Wellness (Warrens) at (246) 424-0424.




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