There are many bookstores throughout the island of Barbados and as such, opportunities for Barbadians to broaden their horizons are endless. Books ranging from elementary level to tertiary level, health books, scientific books, culinary books and craft books are but a few mentioned that can be found on the island.


The environment in bookstores across Barbados tends to one that is quiet as this augurs well for perusal of your favourite books.


The face of bookstores throughout the island of Barbados has certainly taken on a different angle as seen with Pages Bookstore. A gourmet shop by the name of Coffee Bean Express has been opened in one of their Cave Shepherd, Broad Street branches that caters to both children and adults alike. Though this concept is not at all new on the global market, it certiainly is new to the island of Barbados. According to co-owner of the Coffee Bean, Michelle Gill Leonel, though the Coffee Bean Express is smaller than its other shops, they will be offering as many of the items that were traditionally carried in the other branches.


On sale at the Coffee Bean Express are smoothies, bagels, specialty coffees and teas, a variety of pastries, salds, soups, sandwiches, brownies and cookies.


Wherever your reading pleasure takes you, be sure you can find the exact pleasure at any of the many bookstores on the isand of Barbados.




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